Market evaluation, the biggest obstacle to selling your home

No matter how effectively your broker promotes your home, if you haven’t “listened” to the market, chances are your home will take a long time to sell or worse still, remain unsold.

Market analysis /comprehensive home evaluation
To best determine what people will pay for your home Steven prepares an extensive "Comparative Market Analysis" in which your home will be carefully compared to similar properties that have sold recently in your area. The analysis is accompanied by outdoor/indoor photo albums of comparable properties allowing you to also visually compare your home to others. Know what sold. Know what your competition is. Take the time to understand the current market!
Pricing it right
Many home sellers over-price their properties. Realistic pricing based on sold comparable's in the last six months 
illustrates to buyers that you understand today's market. Buyers are now very savvy with market times and available 
inventory. Many home sellers who are out-of-touch or fail to listen to what the market is telling them end up with unsold properties. No or few showings, no second showings or purchase offers and unfavorable feedback indicate market issues with a home.  When your home is accurately priced to reflect what the market will support, it will usually sell quickly. If priced too high, it will usually stay on the market for a lengthier period of time. The "market" dictates price and Steven takes the time to properly analyze that "market." Ignore what the market is telling you 
and you will most likely encounter overpricing dangers. 
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